Caring for you Mantra tie

You have invested money in buying a nice Mantra seven-fold tie, you want to take of it. You can’t simply throw it in the washing machine like your favorite pair of jeans. There is usually no need to dry clean it as well since it is worn over your shirt. The thing that destroys a tie is normal wear and tear. If you have a Porsche,  do you shift into neutral, jump out and let it cruise into the garage? If you do, I’d like to see a video. Most of us take the effort to pull into the garage, hit the breaks, pull the parking break, and then take the key out of the ignition. A necktie will last longer if you simple untie it correctly and hang it up afterwards. Silk usually resists wrinkles fairly well, but it can still be creased. Take the time and  make a return on your investment.


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When Untying a Knot, Reverse Steps

When I first learned to tie a necktie, I would pull the small end as hard as I could and it would unknot. But after wearing it for a while with a tight knot, I saw that the silk began to stretch and have odd creases in it. Eventually it started to shred a bit. The proper way to untie the knot is to simply follow the steps in reverse. Loosen the tie a little then slip the large end through the knot.

Hang Your Tie

Do you fold up your suit and tuck it away in a drawer? Doing so for a long time would leave a fold and possibly an unpleasant crease. The same will happen if you leave your ties scrunched away in your sock drawer. Rolling ties are acceptable, but do not let the fabric return to its normal shape with the help of gravity. In the same way that you hang your suits, hang your ties with a tie rack. There are fancy motorized tie racks to simple non-slip hangers that hook into your closet the same way as a normal shirt hanger. Hanging the tie after it has been worn for a full day lets gravity return the section that is knotted back to its original shape and helps you look like the Mantra Man the next time you put it on.

Remove Wrinkles

If there are a few minor wrinkles in your tie or if there is a bend from not storing it correctly, you can hang it for a while so that it drapes naturally again. In a time crunch you can steam it to relax the fabric allowing it take its natural shape. An alternative to a steamer is to simply hang it up in while you take a shower.  DO NOT IRON: Ironing may discolor or change the texture of the silk.  But if you must iron, you can place a cloth over it and let the heat transfer through so that the iron does not directly touch the silk.

Neckties Do Not Double As a Bib

The easiest and fastest way to ruin a tie is to stain it. When eating, try not to spill food all over yourself like a baby. (Picture) When leaning forward, your tie will follow gravity and dip your tie into the soup and impress your date. The simplest solution is to tuck the tie into your shirt. Tie bars are another solution that clasps your tie to your shirt. The tie alignis another simple solution that you could make your own.

Remove Stains

If you do happen to impress your date with your necktie dipping skills you may still be able to save your beloved necktie. There are various solutions depending on the type of gunk you get on your tie but i haven’t tried any of these. (video)

  • Spot clean with vinegar or lemon juice
  • Use mild detergent below pH 10
  • Leave talcum powder on stain to absorb grease
  • Hand wash in a sink by gently swirling the clothes in cool water; never twist or wring out silk
  • Be careful when dabbing with water because it could leave a water stain. Should be steamed off evenly with the surrounding fabric
  • If worse comes to worse, there are professional tie cleaning services

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