The Morning Fitness Challenge

The importance of getting your fitness life started, is starting. At Mantra we believe in small changes over a longer period of time with have a lasting positive effect on your life.

If you are struggling to get into fitness and need a start, I dare you to take this daily 3 minute challenge.

For the next 21 one days I want you to spend 3 minutes right out of bed doing the following things.

Task: Drink a 16 ounce glass of water
Train: Do as many as you can do of the exercise below for one set. Once you can’t complete a repetition, Stop. You have completed the challenge for the day.

Day 1: Push-ups
Day 2: Squats, below Parallel
Day3: Crunches
Day 4: Burpees
Day 5: Lunges
Day 6: Prone cobras
Day 7: Dips

Track: Record your repetitions on a sheet of paper. The following week, try to beat your previous score.
“To become a man, one must challenge themselves to become better each and every day.”


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