Reviving Male Vitality, Finding Your Purpose: The WHY?


Men today lack motivation, structure, and a purpose. Men around the world are giving up on their restlessness to become a man. Our society today has evolved into a corporate culture and bureaucracy, destroying the maly autonomy, our desire to be a man and take control of our life.

The system we grew up with is based on a simple formula: Do your job. Show up. Work hard. Listen to the boss. Stick it out. Be apart of the system. You’ll be rewarded.

Men are just accepting where they are and are not taking ACTION to become a better man, change their career, or other aspects of their life to become elevated. My girlfriend always says,

More women settle for low quality men, than men settle for low quality women.

She’s probably right. By not taking any action to improve yourself or challenge yourself, you are settling for a lesser version of you. Theodore Roosevelt understood that action was important.

There were all kinds of things I was afraid of at first, ranging from grizzly bears to “mean” horses and gun-fighters; but by acting as if I was not afraid I gradually ceased to be afraid.

The first step in learning how to take action is understanding your why

The Golden circle correlates with the brain, the logical part is rational and comprehends language. This is the What, the green circle. The middle two parts are the limbic brains, which contain all of our feelings. Such as trust and loyalty. It is responsible for all human behavior, all your decision making, yet lacks the capacity for language. Our emotional brain helps drive our why and develop our purpose.

To be able to move forward with correct action and not aimless action that doesn’t progress you forward, you need to understand your why, as pointed out by Simon Sinek’s Start With Why.

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It is hard to conceptualize in the order he does it. Why, how, what. It is much easier to begin with what and work your way to why for a couple of ideas or goals. Once we can get a basic idea of your true whys then we can move into action and start with your purpose and why’s to build the life you deserve.


A very easy idea that comes to mind is the reason behind exercising for me.
What: A masculine, powerful, athletic build: My physical appearance
How: A 16 week lifting program integrating heavy lifts, body weight interval training, and running.
Why: To feel like a man who is attractive to females and creates a perception of a quality mate. I love it when my girlfriend looks at me and says, “you are really sexy,” or a woman in a bar tells me I look chiseled. When I take off my shirt I can walk with confidence knowing I have one of the best looking bodies around. It makes me feel attractive and manly. It is my belief that men should be fit and have bodies that reflect a body that can fight or protect the ones he loves.

Realistic Whats

To start off, you need to figure out what it is you want in life. Start out with the one thing that is frustrating you the most. Relationship, money, work, personal achievements, or lack thereof. If you could change it, what would you want?  Make sure you create realistic desires, you can’t say I want to marry a model in 6 months. For some of you, this might be possible, and for others, not so much.

Don’t set a timeline, create what you want to have. (prisoners dilemma post) Write it in a journal, or a place that you will keep. This will eventually become your purpose and you can revisit it on the days you feel like quitting to remind yourself of your whys that connect to your ideal self. Long lasting change isn’t a sprint- its a marathon. When you hit the wall- the part of the race you want to give up like a little boy, you need to have your why so you can reach down within yourself and pull out the power to go on when others quit.

How would you get this?

Create a brief outline on how you would achieve this what. If you do not know spend 5 to 10 minutes researching. If it is something you still haven’t found an answer, skip this question and comment on what your want is. We will find you some relevant sources or products to look into.

Understanding your why?

Few know their purpose, or belief. They get out of bed unexcited and don’t understand why they even got out of bed. People don’t buy what you do, people buy why you do it. Women or others find it attractive if you have a purpose and they find it attractive when you are brought into your own beliefs and hold your ground. (challenge your beliefs post)

The idea that we are looking to transform into a reality needs to have some purpose (muscle) behind it. Complete the last part, your why. After you have completed this for 3 different ideas, look at your whys and define your purpose.

My purpose: Empower men to elevate their life to become a man of action that will make a difference in the world and leave a legacy that his family and friends will be proud of.

After you have defined your why, think about ways on how you can take your purpose and make yourself a better man or make the world a better place.

Please let me know your whys? I want to know the purpose of the men that are willing to make a lasting impact.

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