Weekend Challenge: Clean Your Closet

Does your closet look like this? Probably not. Even if you don’t have a walk-in closet with $1000 suits, you can still aspire to be just like this. Simple.  This closet isn’t cluttered, nor does it have excess clothes that is not worn.

This weekend I want you to spend 45 minutes of your time removing the clutter from your closet. I promise you, once you are done, you will feel better and be ready to start our 6 week challenge to building your core wardrobe.  

The Clean Your Closet Challenge:

Go into your closet, and divide your clothes into 3 parts.

  1. Keepers: Quality items such as Button ups that you wear on a regular basis, fitted trousers, Polos, etc.
  2. Questionable items: suits or items that are borderline fitting or lacking in the quality you would like to achieve are fine to keep for now. As you begin to build up your interchangeable wardrobe you can reassess.
  3. The Rest: clothing that doesn’t fit or that doesn’t fit your current or new style. Throw these out (Donate them).

If you are not sure on what clothes you wear, you can flip all your hangers in a reverse order meaning the hook is facing towards you instead of away like it normally would. As you begin to wear the items flip the hangers around.The hangers with hooks facing you at the end of the month should be removed from your wardrobe.

Exceptions: Tuxes or other specialty items for special occasions. If these items still fit, feel free to store them properly until they are needed.

If the specialty items do not fit, get rid of them.

Comment Below: If you accomplished this or had some items you were hesitant about. We will help you come to a solution.

Keep taking action towards a more confident stylish you.

Read how to build an Interchangeable Wardrobe to acquire your core pieces. We will teach you how to express yourself while remaining within the principles of good style.


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