Understanding an Interchangeable Wardrobe

Do More With Less

You know why you’re always done getting ready before your date? It’s just a woman thing right? Wrong. The problem is, women have 15 dresses to choose from and 10 shoes to pick out at least, not to mention the attention they devote to makeup, hair etc. Women give a damn about their appearance. They make sure to dress themselves to give off the messages they want to send, which can be anything from “leave me alone” or “I am in the mood for sex”. We can do the same thing as men, but if you’re new to this, at first it can be a little daunting. It is in our nature to feel overwhelmed when we have more than 3 options if we do not understand a single one of the options. (Business Journal Psychological Citation)

Men, let’s face it. We love things handed to us on a silver platter. Sometimes we like to work for success or enjoy the chase of a sexy woman, but when it comes to clothes we want it simple and we want to look like a man that knows what he is doing. Wardrobe 123 is going to teach you how to build an interchangeable wardrobe that makes you look like the George Clooney of your peers.

Style trumps fashion.

New fashion. What is it this instant? Thinner lapels, thicker lapels. Thinner ties, thicker ties. Stripes, check patterns, paisley goes out, argyle comes back from the dead. Polyester for god’s sake made it huge! But where is it now? And will it ever return? Fashion is impossible to stay ahead of, and an incredibly efficient way to waste your money.

Here at Wardrobe 123 we do not talk about fluff fashion; we talk about timeless style. A classic, interchangeable wardrobe will serve you well and keep you looking great for many years to come. Plug into our system and you can expect to look great 20 years from now with the wardrobe you build this year.

Spend Less, But Look Like a Million Bucks.

Unless you have money to burn, you cannot afford to buy cheap clothes. Think about it. You just got a promotion at work. Would you rather have four low-quality, ill-fitting, $300 suits that make you look like a recent college grad, or one $1,200 suit that is made of quality fabric, tailored to your body, declaring to all that you deserve this promotion? (Pic of College kid vs. well dressed man)

Even though we would like to believe as men that clothes do not provide a superficial status quo, the New York Times agrees. Your clothes speak when you do not. One quality suit speaks volumes compared to a closet full of bargain basement finds. Start to think of style as an investment. Would you rather have a return of 10 years of faithful service from your great-looking $1,200 suit, or 2 years—max—from $300 suits that make you look like crap in the first place?

Guaranteed, you will only wear the cheaper suit when you are forced to. You will not feel good in it. You know that it doesn’t flatter you. You can’t wait to get out of this thing and stick it back into the darkest corner of your closet. Eventually you give it to Goodwill after having worn it 4 or 5 embarrassing times.

On the other hand, from the very first time you put on your fitted suit, you are going to start getting compliments and attention. Just watch. The difference is incredible, and it does happen immediately. You are going to like how you look in this suit, and you are going to love how you feel in it. You will feel more confident and attractive. With this suit, you will be looking for excuses to get into it. You’ll look forward to wearing it. Over its lifetime you may have worn this suit at least 100 times, probably many more than that. Quality tends to last quite well.

So which one was more expensive? You ended up paying about $70 a time to wear something you hated with the $300 suit. And you ended up paying $12 a time to wear something you adored with the $1,200 garment. Which one sounds like the smarter choice?

After you decide to be a man and make the big switch to improve your wardrobe, we will teach you how to choose pieces that have a high degree of timeless versatility. Timeless, not trending items.

This is your secret weapon. Simple and revolutionary: an interchangeable wardrobe gives you more and costs you less.

Building your wardrobe up piece by piece like this, it will mean that once you have 2 pairs of shoes, 2 trousers, 2 shirts, and 2 jackets, you shouldn’t have just 2 outfits. You should have 2x2x2x2 outfits: 16 different possibilities. Now we are building the foundation to a Interchangeable wardrobe.

Check out these posts (6 Weekend Challenges link) to slowly build your closet out with quality clothing to replace the useless crap that you’ve been collecting for years, you will be able to achieve a much more varied pool of outfits with far less clothing. This is cheaper, takes up a lot less space, saves you a lot of time, and best of all, while you are enjoying these benefits you will feel like the man in the room. Confident. Like George Clooney. Achieve this by building a closet full of quality items that all work together interchangeably.

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