6 Reasons to Give a Damn About Your Style

Why give a damn about style? I mean, don’t we live in an enlightened culture, where everyone knows that appearance is only skin deep, but the true substance of a person is what can’t be seen with the eyes? And anyway, as men, doesn’t appearance matter even less than it does to women? And after all, what’s wrong with my tee shirts and jeans, they’re comfortable and pretty much everyone dresses like that.

I’ll tell you why, in 6 parts. Read on!

  1. First Impressions.

    Your clothes say something about you before your mouth does. A man in a well tailored, classic suit gives a very different message than a man in badly fitting tee shirt and cargo shorts. The guy with a sports jacket looks like he’s in charge, even if he’s not.  While we like to pretend that we don’t judge people based on their appearance, we all do it anyway. Even if we truly keep an open mind about the person, our first impression of someone is formed purely from how they look—until we start talking to them, there is nothing else that we can possibly form an opinion about! How a person chooses to present themselves makes a huge difference. You are making impressions on the dozens to hundreds of people who see you every day, whether you mean to or not. How you dress will have a direct influence on their snap judgment of you.

Here are some of the messages you could be sending:

  • I’m no one particularly special

  • I could possibly mug you, so hide yo’ wife and hide yo’ kids

  • You can probably score some weed here

  • I play a lot of dungeons and dragons in my spare time

  • Come to me if you need help

  • I am intelligent, I have answers for you

  • I am the most capable person in the room; I am probably in charge

  • I own successful companies

What images popped into your head when you read those? You’ve seen people that fit all of these categories. And you made these judgments about them before they said a word to you. Now to state the obvious: you yourself fit into a category like this. Ask yourself what type of impression you’d like to give, and then ask yourself what impression you are currently giving.

  1. Be More Attractive (and Impress the Ladies).

    This one might seem obvious, however if you’ve never paid attention to clothes or style then you could very well be surprised at what the right combination of clothes can do for you. Once you learn about different cuts, colors, fabrics and patterns, you can strategically improve your natural look. You can add bulk if you’re thin, and slim down if you’re heavier. Ever wanted to look taller? Perhaps you feel you could stand to look a little more proportionate? Clothes have a big impact on all of these. If you don’t know what influence your clothing has on these attributes, chances are high that you are emphasizing the traits you want to diminish, and vice-versa. Start learning about this. If you think women only care about what’s inside, get ready for a big surprise. They notice this stuff. And they absolutely love it.

  1. Boost Your Confidence.

    Consider the military. Have you ever seen a soldier who seemed unsure of himself? This guy knows he is part of a badass group of men. They get shit handled, no question. When he is dressed in his military garb he knows that people respect him, and rightly so. Dressing well has the same type of effect. It makes you feel like you’re a part of the league of men, not boys. When we were kids, we all wore tee shirts and jeans, and whatever was laying around really. Most men never make much of a transition in terms of wardrobe—but we all admire those who have made that transition. You belong now to a more capable class of man. A more desirable class of man.

  1. Become More Effective (and Earn More While You’re At It).

    Dressing sharper is going to lead to many more benefits than simply looking better. The fact is, if you make this change, you’re going to start paying attention to more details in your whole life. More care in selecting, maintaining and preparing your clothes for the day means you’ll be getting up a little earlier, being more aware of yourself and your appearance, and how others see you. You’re more careful with how you choose to present yourself. You’ll be watching your speech, your posture, your attitude, and the quality of the work you produce. You naturally act in line with how you present yourself—whether that’s as a slob or a CEO. You will become a much more effective person at work and in your interactions with those you are in relationship with. When you become more productive, your value goes up. When your value goes up, you are in a position to get paid more. This is one of the practical reason that people who dress sharp earn much more on average than those who don’t much care.

  1. Create Upward Mobility.

    Most guys will never give a damn about style. If you do, you’re going to stand out from most, no question about it. People will notice. Realize that although you stand out from most guys, you will actually begin to blend in with more successful people. You’re going to effectively put yourself into a new class. This doesn’t at all mean you are leaving behind your old friends; but rather you’ll start to notice that you have a lot in common with successful men and women. Remember, these people care about details that make them effective too. By simply dressing better, you will be getting introductions to a more successful slice of society.

  1. Get Lucky.

    I don’t mean sex. Go back to point number one and read between the lines for that. I’m talking about the idiom “Luck equals preparation plus opportunity”. Some of the greatest success stories have hinged on chance. But chance alone doesn’t cut it. You have to be ready when the chance comes. Financial opportunities come along every so often and for nearly every one of them your ability to be taken seriously will largely be determined by what you are wearing. If you are a gifted coder but you dress like a complete slob, there’s very little chance that your company is going to see you as a viable go-to guy for that clutch meeting that took them by surprise. But if you look professional, it’ll come to you every time. If you have a great wardrobe, you are always ready when opportunity knocks.


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