Mantra: Man Evolved

What is a Mantra man? What does it take to be one?

A young, ambitious entrepreneur wakes up in his penthouse in manhattan, meditates, dresses into his Vicuna Mantra suit, and is escorted to an important business meeting.  After his meeting with a group of Chinese investors, he gets a text from his friends whom are in Ibiza, asking him to come down for a private party hosted by David Guetta. The mantra man boards into his private jet with his some of his close girlfriends- flies to ibiza, and parties like a rock star.  While in Ibiza he gets a text that the Chinese are backing his business, he parties the night away and ends his night- ready to take on the world the next day.

The mantra man is ambitious, powerful, inspiring- and most importantly attainable personality.  Let Mantra truly elevate your lifestyle. Can you become a mantra man?


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